Jam Sanatkaran industrial projects

One of the important features of industrial project contractors is the ability to provide contracting services in various fields including management, planning and control of industrial projects in various phases of pre-commissioning, installation and commissioning, design and engineering of industrial units, supply of machinery and industrial equipment, supply and training Expert manpower, maintenance and repair of machinery and industrial units, supply and procurement of goods and industrial equipment and other industrial contracting services.

Over the years of its activity, Jam Sanatkaran Company has been proud to carry out many industrial projects in large industrial units and prominent companies in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemicals. Among these industrial units there are Jam Petrochemical Company, Jam propylene company, Khark Petrochemicals, Morvarid Petrochemicals, Sadaf Petrochemicals, Marjan Petrochemicals, Damavand Petrochemicals, Zagros Petrochemicals, Polymer PodJam Petrochemical, Abadan Petrochemical, Pars Petrochemical, Damavand Petrochemical, Farsashimi Petrochemical, Takht Petrochemical Jamshid, Andimshek 500 MW combined cycle power plant and etc. You can see the list of completed industrial projects as well as examples of ongoing industrial projects of Jam Sanatkaran company on this page and click on each project to get more information about the services provided

List of active and completed projects in Jam Sanatkaran Company