Jam Sanatkaran company, relying on brilliant executive experience, practical and technical abilities of expert and experienced forces, taking advantage of the support and companionship of the company’s shareholders, owning and using modern industrial equipment and machinery in the field of providing repair and maintenance services to

Industrial units, implementation of construction operations, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning of industrial projects, by EPC method and supervision and review in the field of domestic industries operates.

Jam Sanatkaran Industrial Services Company uses modern and efficient technologies in line with long-term profitability, guaranteeing the growth of profits, as well as maintaining and increasing shareholders’ capital, and provides its services at the best and highest quality level, in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable economic cost to the market and units. industrial

provides In order to achieve the goals of this industrial contracting group, the managers and specialists of Jam Sanatkaran continuously improve the methods and technologies they use, and by applying new approaches and principles of organizational progress, they have been able to earn the name of Jam Sanatkaran as an innovative, self-improving and Bring out the leader in the field of contracting services of the country’s industry.