Successful implementation of Marjan Petrochemical parts and goods warehouse arrangement project by Jam Sanatkaran Company

Jam Sanatkaran Company completed the first phase of the Marjan petrochemical parts and goods storage project within 8 months and according to the schedule.

چیدمان انبار کالا و قطعات در پتروشیمی مرجان

The head of project planning and control of Jamsanatkaran Company announced the successful implementation of the Marjan Petrochemical Parts and Goods Warehouse layout project in two phases by the team of industrial contractors of Jamsanatkaran Company.

According to Jamsanatkaran public relations report, engineer Reza Defaei, pointing out that the Marjan Petrochemical warehouse layout project has been implemented in two phases, said: “Jamsanatkaran company has won phase one of the coding and layout project of Marjan petrochemical industrial warehouses through bidding. And its implementation started on November 17, 2019.

The Head of Project Planning and Control of Jam Sanatkaran Company explained: “The activities performed in the project of coding and arrangement of Marjan petrochemical warehouse and parts include filing separate files for industrial goods, assigning codes according to the MESC standard, feeding documents to the mechanized system, and also reviewing “The physicality of the items and the basic layout of the warehouse are in accordance with the standards defined in this field”.

Mr. Defaei noted: “Jamsanataran company completed the first phase of the coding and layout project of the Marjan petrochemical industrial warehouses within 8 months and at the end of June 2020 according to the schedule”.

کدینگ انبارهای صنعتی در پتروشیمی مرجان

 He said about the second phase of the operation to optimize the layout of the Marjan Petrochemical Complex’s warehouse of goods and parts: “Due to the favorable performance of the Jamsanatkaran contracting team in the implementation of the first phase of the project and the client’s satisfaction, the second phase of the industrial warehouse coding project of the Marjan Petrochemical Complex is also in the form of leaving formalities. And the new contract was handed over to Jamsanatkaran company.

The Head of Jam Sanatkaran Project Planning and Control stated that the second phase of the optimization operation of Marjan Petrochemical Parts and Commodity Warehouse layout is scheduled and planned for 11 months, which will end on July 22, 2022. The industrial unit is currently in progress with a physical progress equal to 95% according to the schedule and based on the predictions made, it will be completed on the scheduled date, which is about a month from now.

Mr. Defaei said: “One of the challenges of the basic arrangement of the warehouse in this project is the existence of document discrepancies with the goods and parts in the industrial warehouses, which can be pointed out with the precise and direct project management and control of the industrial contractors of Jam Sanatkaran Company and relying on the many experiences of this company. It was successfully carried out in the storage of industrial plants.

He stated: “One of the other strengths and advantages of the coding project and the layout of the warehouse of goods and parts in Marjan Petrochemical is the acceptable compliance of the project’s progress with the schedule as well as the fulfillment of the quantitative and qualitative criteria required by the client”.

You can see the images related to the implementation of the coding project and the layout of the warehouse of goods and parts of the Marjan Petrochemical Complex below.

photos and videos of Marjan Petrochemical warehouse layout project

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