Completing the contracting services of Jam Sanatkaran restaurant building and operating it in the near future

The manager of the restaurant building contracting project of Jam Sanatkaran Company announced the completion of the main executive activities and operation of the project in the near future.

پیمانکاری ساخت رستوران شرکت جم صنعت کاران به مرحله بهره برداری رسید

According to the public relations report of Jam Sanatkaran Company, Mr. Amin Masoudi, referring to the objectives of the restaurant building contracting project, said: “The restaurant construction project aims to allocate suitable space with standard criteria and increase the level of satisfaction, reduce vehicle traffic at the level of the complex and the risks arising from it. Also, increasing the quality of services due to the elimination of food transportation was put on the agenda.

He added: “After obtaining the necessary permits for construction in industrial units, the machinery area located on the north side of the central restaurant building was selected as the final option, as it has the necessary potential. In the first stage of the project, the cutting operation and dismantling of the structure and other elements that can be used in the restaurant building were carried out, and after moving the machinery to a new location and preparing the land for the construction of the restaurant, the restaurant construction contracting project was carried out on March 15, 2021, with the presence of the CEO of Jam Petrochemical and Mr. Ali Ebrahimzadeh, the CEO of Jam Sanatakaran Company, was officially sacked.

Referring to the technical specifications of the project and the description of the activities of the restaurant construction contractor, the manager of the restaurant construction project of Jam Sanatkaran Company said: “This building with an area of 3,200 square meters has been built on two floors. More than 1,800 square meters are dedicated to the hall on the ground floor as the main space of the building, and in order to provide space for food ceremonies and provide service in various events and to meet the needs of the complex, an area of more than 600 square meters is also on the first floor with design considerations. Special architecture is considered.

احداث رستوران گروه پیمانکاری جم صنعتکاران

Mr. Masoudi noted: “An area of more than 700 square meters has been considered for cold storages, a two-story substation building, corridors and other dedicated spaces. The space of the restaurant building is designed for a maximum capacity of 1,400 people, which will optimally meet the needs of the staff in different work shifts and meals.

He added: “Currently, after more than a year has passed since the beginning of the project, most of the executive and contracting activities of the restaurant building have been completed and it is almost 100% completed and ready for operation”.

The manager of the restaurant construction project manager of Jam Sanatkaran company explained the design considerations of the building and said: “One of the challenges facing the implementation of the project has been the proximity of the restaurant building to the Butene-1 industrial unit and taking into account special safety considerations. For this purpose, technical investigations based on consequence analysis (Consequence Analysis) with building modeling and explosion simulation in B1 industrial unit by experienced consultants and using valid standards were put on the agenda. In this regard, the simulation of vapor cloud explosion (VCE) and the estimation of the resulting pressure on the building structure in different scenarios were carried out.

Mr. Amin Masoudi recalled: “Based on the results of technical analysis, the steel structure of the building and the roof of the steel deck were designed by equalizing the pressure caused by the explosion of a static load equal to 3 tons per square meter. Also, in order to deal with the effect of explosion pressure, a reinforced concrete wall was designed on the west side of the restaurant building. The implementation of the air conditioning system and other components of the building has also been done considering the results of risk studies and with the aim of reducing possible risks caused by explosion in the industrial unit, which has been taken into account in terms of safety.

He added: “The initial schedule for the completion of the Jam Sanatkaran restaurant building contracting project according to the project request and approval form (PRA) was considered for one year in February 2022. Some of the items and materials needed in the project and despite using the maximum capacity of the executive team and construction contractors, at the end of 2022, 81% physical progress was achieved.

The manager of Jam Sanatkaran restaurant construction project said, “Currently and with the acceptable compliance of the project progress with the schedule, the operation of the restaurant building can be achieved on the scheduled date”.

بهره برداری از پروژه ساخت رستوران شرکت جم صنعت کاران

Mr. Masoudi stated: “The estimated costs of the restaurant construction contracting project for all phases of design, supply of materials and equipment, and the implementation phase is about 800 billion Rials”.

Pointing to the key features and strengths of the project, he added: “Despite the many challenges, obstacles and limitations in the design phases, supply of materials and industrial equipment and implementation of contracting activities for the restaurant building, there are various strengths and operational capacities at different levels and departments of the team. Project management and construction contractors have been effective as a factor to minimize the consequences of obstacles in the path of project implementation.

According to the restaurant construction project manager of Jam Sanatkaran Company, “the most important strengths of this project are the focus on the internal capacity of the complex in design, supply and implementation, the optimal financing of the project despite the unprecedented increase in costs, the use of purchasing engineering principles and the implementation of the optimal supply chain. Utilizing efficient standards in project management and planning, fully complying with safety considerations and preventing damage and accidents, realizing all the expected quality and technical indicators and providing expert human resources and capable executive teams.

Mr. Amin Masoudi said about the supply of manpower and industrial machinery involved in the restaurant construction project: “The restaurant construction project has been carried out using about 360,500 man-hours of experienced manpower (direct and indirect) in various work disciplines, and also 5,900 The device-clock of all kinds of industrial machinery has been used at different time points of the project.

The manager of Jam Sanatkaran restaurant building contracting project stated: “Due to the convergence of the project elements, the assistance and support of the CEO of Jam Sanatkaran company and the constructive interaction of the effective factors in the project, we witnessed an acceptable compliance with the predicted goals and indicators. The successful implementation of the restaurant construction project with many challenges and limitations and in a very tight time frame has been possible only with comprehensive cooperation.

He said: “It is hoped that with the efforts made, the high goal of this project, which is to value the expectations and ensure the satisfaction of the human force, has been realized and by taking advantage of the experiences gained, the Jam Sanatkaran company will always play its role in the direction of providing the interests of the beneficiaries and to fulfill the high goals of the organization, to act more effectively and successfully”.

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